Let’s Protect our Families and Communities From Coronavirus


Tostan is offering our informational booklets on the coronavirus and COVID-19 publicly. It is underway in English, French, Portuguese, Creole, Wolof, Pulaar, Mandinka, Oniyan, Maninka, and Bamanankan. Check this page for the latest releases.

For educational or non-commercial purposes, Tostan authorizes permission to reprint these booklets if there are no changes made to the content. Please write to Tostan to receive printer-ready templates of the booklets for printing purposes.

However, any adaptations of the booklets require written permission from Tostan. For information regarding reproduction of the booklets, please contact Tostan: info@tostan.org.

Supporting shifts in knowledge and behaviors are critical life-saving complements to the national response and prevention strategies in place. Tostan’s 30 years experience in social norms change and the provision of life-saving information in culturally relevant formats will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Download Tostan’s Booklet on COVID-19 and Brochure on An Islamic Perspective on Pandemics, Epidemics, and Contagious Diseases 

Note that these booklets are not printer-ready, they are reduced size for web viewing.  For printer-ready files, please contact Tostan at:  info@tostan.org

English COVID Booklet
English Islam brochure COVID

French COVID Booklet
French Islam brochure COVID

Portuguese COVID Booklet
Portuguese Islam brochure COVID

Creole COVID Booklet
Creole Islam brochure COVID

Fula COVID Booklet
Fula Islam brochure COVID

Wolof COVID Booklet
Wolof Islam brochure COVID

Mandinka COVID Booklet
Mandinka Islam brochure COVID

Bamanankan COVID Booklet
Bamanankan Islam brochure COVID

Maninka COVID Booklet
Maninka Islam brochure COVID

Oniyan COVID Booklet

Swahili                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Swahili COVID Booklet

Somali                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Somali COVID Booklet


Haussa COVID Booklet


Yoruba COVID Booklet


Igbo COVID Booklet


Tostan’s COVID-19 Prevention & Follow-up Strategies 

Social network influencers, including religious leaders, well-respected elders, and our own trusted local staff are promoting new practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are developing and distributing information in ten languages in print, on the radio, and through short videos. 

Tostan’s prevention response to COVID-19 also has two parts: 1) efforts to provide credible information to partner and non-partner communities in the areas where we work concerning the disease, how it is transmitted, symptoms, recommended prevention measures, and numbers to call for further information and 2) regular telephone contact by local staff with partner communities to refer critical needs to appropriate authorities. 

Community Awareness-raising

  • The development (illustration, translation, printing) of two informational booklets in French, English, Portuguese and seven local languages spoken by our partner communities. The first is a comprehensive booklet about COVID-19 for village CEP participants, facilitators, supervisors, local health agents and local authorities. The second is a brochure providing an Islamic perspective on COVID-19 which reinforces government and medical recommendations.
  • Radio broadcasts in local languages by local staff. These interactive broadcasts complement information in both booklets and give people the opportunity to call in with questions and share thoughts and experiences. 
  • Other media distributed by commonly-used apps and social media. Here is one example of a short video of a religious leader talking about the importance of avoiding contact, sheltering in place, and washing or sanitizing hands. As seen in the last scene of the video, the man runs home to be a part of the effort to end the spread of the virus.

Community Follow-up and Referral

  • Telephone credit to local staff to make daily phone calls to community leaders (village chiefs, Community Management Committee Coordinators) to learn their latest updates, reinforce key prevention messages, and inquire about possible needs and critical situations. This way, Tostan is able to reinforce new practices and signal urgent community needs to appropriate responders.