About Us

Board of Directors

Dr. Cheikh Mbacke, Board Chair


With a Ph.D in Statistics/Demography, Cheikh Seydil Moctar Mbacke has shared his expertise with numerous organizations, including the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and across multiple fields from international development to capacity building, management, and training. Cheikh’s role on the Board is to help guide Tostan’s monitoring, evaluation, and program development. He was elected as Chair of the Tostan Board of Directors in July, 2015.

Jennifer Beaston Hedrick

International Development Expert

Jen Hedrick has a proven competence in financial and operational management with a long track record in analyzing, developing and successfully implementing complex business systems. She also has significant experience in strategic planning and leading innovative and impactful program implementation. Jen spent six years as COO of Tostan and continues to bring her vast practical knowledge to Tostan as a Board member.

Neil Ford

Director of Division, External Relations and Public Information, UNESCO

Over a career spanning 30 years, Neil has been an award-winning broadcast journalist in Canada, a grassroots activist in the developing world – designing partnership and governance strategies to give communities a voice in their own development, and a media and communication specialist in the UN system, currently with UNESCO. Neil provides strategic media and communications expertise to Tostan’s Board and also sits on Tostan’s Communications Advisory Group.

Jim Greenbaum

Founder and Managing Director, The Greenbaum Foundation

After a successful career in the corporate world, Jim Greenbaum became a full-time philanthropist with a primary focus on effective and efficient projects working to bring about the end of suffering (human and non-human) in areas of the highest need. As a member of the Board, Jim has been able to provide strategic direction for Tostan’s operations, fundraising, and development.

Kelly Hawke Baxter

Director, Tostan Canada

Kelly Hawke Baxter is a consultant and strategic advisor who has worked in the field of sustainable development and social change for over 20 years. She works with non-profit leaders and organizations to advise on social change strategy and governance. Kelly founded and led The Natural Step Canada, a Canadian non-profit organization, for 10 years, and now sits on their Board of Directors. Kelly is also Chair of the Board of Tostan Canada, a sister organization that raises funds and awareness for Tostan International. Kelly is also a guest lecturer, student mentor, and member of the Global Strategy and Leadership Expert Panel of the Desautel School of Management at McGill University.

Gail Kaneb

President, Breakthrough Strategies

Gail Kaneb is a change catalyst, working with individuals, groups, and corporations across North America to identify what they want to achieve, what the obstacles are, and how to surmount them. Gail brings this innovative knowledge and expertise to Tostan where she promotes organizational and fiscal development on the Board of Directors.

Molly Melching

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tostan

Since arriving in Senegal in 1974, Molly Melching has helped thousands of communities achieve transformative social change through her NGO, Tostan, and its groundbreaking educational programs. Her primary role on the Board of Directors is to represent the interests of Tostan’s participants and staff and to establish the vision and philosophies of the organization.

Anne Charlotte Ringquist

Director, Tostan Sweden

Long interested in African culture, Anne Charlotte Ringquist has spent significant time studying and living in Africa. During a stay in Senegal, Anne Charlotte was introduced to Tostan and was immediately taken with the organization’s methods. She returned home to found Tostan Sweden and has since assisted the Board with public relations, fundraising, and advocacy work in Scandinavia and Europe.