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Tostan Booklets and Fact Sheets

January 2015

World Bank Group

Jeri Eckhart-Queenan, Abe Grindle, Jacquelyn Hadley and Roger Thompson

  • Designing for Transformative Scale: Global Lessons in What Works – Tostan referenced on page 22

July 2014


  • Electronic monitoring tools: Tostan using innovative monitoring technology for Early Childhood Development

June 2014

Geraldine Beddell

  • Mothers of Innovation – Tostan referenced on pages 29-33

Developpement et Santé

  • Spécial Excision – Tostan referenced in pages 35-38 (in French)

May 2014

World Bank Group

  • Voice and Agency: Empowering women and girls for shared prosperity


  • Renforcer les capacités des femmes et des filles pour un changement social positif (in French)

February 2014

World Economic Forum

  • Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches – Tostan referenced in Chapter 6

December 2013


  • Turning on Mobile Learning in Africa and the Middle East: Illustrative Initiatives and Policy Implications

October 2013

  • Community Voice International
  • Music-Listening Party: Planning kit for newly released Senegalese community recordings


  • Research Policy: Guidelines for Researchers and Students

April 2013


  • Generational Change in Three Years- An Ambitious Campaign to Empower Millions in West Africa
  • Flyer for Tostan Founder’s Biography: However Long the Night
  • Media Kit for Tostan Founder’s Biography: However Long the Night

March 2013


  • The Path Forward: Tostan Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015
  • Tostan Brochure: Communities Leading Positive Social Change