Depuis nos débuts, notre programme d’éducation basé sur les droits humains a atteint plus de trois millions de personnes, générant les résultats suivants :


de femmes ont été choisies pour des postes de responsabilité dans leurs communautés


de personnes vivent dans des communautés ayant déclaré publiquement leur abandon de l’excision


communautés ont déclaré publiquement que leurs filles ne se marieraient pas avant l’âge de 18 ans

Le modèle Tostan

Nous réalisons sur trois ans un programme d’éducation non-formelle, qui facilite le changement social et qui permet aux communautés de devenir actrices de leur propre développement. Le Programme de Renforcement des Capacités Communautaires est :


Basé sur les droits humains

La connaissance des droits humains et des responsabilités en la matière constituent la base de l’apprentissage


Respectueux et participatif

L’information est partagée sans jugement de valeur


Holistique et durable

Notre programme couvre cinq domaines clés et s’inscrit dans une logique de changement durable

Quoi de neuf

GRANTS – Volontaire stagiaire

Le poste de volontaire stagiaire de Grants au siège de Tostan à Dakar, au Sénégal, offre des possibilités de mieux comprendre comment une approche basée sur les droits humains peut influencer le changement social et appuyer le développement mené par la communauté. Le...

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Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux


We've got some more great footage for you out of Tostan Mali! In response to Lisa Wheeler's Medium piece honoring Tostan (which you can find at, Moussokoura Fané, a Tostan program coordinator, said the following about the changes she's seeing in her community:

"Tostan has brought behavioral changes to our community that allow us to live and work together successfully. In our community, program participants are reinforcing peace and cooperation between community members. Because of the changes inspired by Tostan, women in our community are participating in decision-making. Women are also becoming more entrepreneurial, as evidenced by the fund we created for financing income-generating activities."
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We're honoring a pair of Tostan supporters today, mother and daughter Mary Kountze and Elizabeth Kountze! Mary recently said about our organization, "I’m fascinated by Tostan’s groundbreaking work supporting women, girls, and communities as they make breakthroughs. I also like its insightful approach to supporting the development of new parents and young children. Giving to Tostan brings me joy as it connects me with younger generations in far away places."

To celebrate these dedicated women, we want to share some photos from another recent public declaration of human rights in the rural community of Koussy in Senegal. This community put an end to FGC, and continues to build lasting breakthroughs for women and girls. Achievements like this are made possible when supporters like Mary and Elizabeth work together, across generations, to empower communities like Koussy. #TostanIgnite #DignityForAll
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Today's story from the field comes to us from Mali, in response to Tostan supporter Maggie Butler's recent collaborative blog post on our Medium page (which you can find at After participating in our Community Empowerment Program, Gninè Konaté had some incredible things to say about the impacts she saw in her community:

"Tostan’s program brought about many notable changes in our community. The relationships between our community members has been strengthened. Particularly on the level of health and sanitation, there have been important changes in our mentality and behaviors. One example is how we now follow a vaccination schedule for our children, and regular checkups for pre- and post-natal maternal health. This is why we wish to continue participating in Tostan’s program."

#TostanIgnite #DignityForAll
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Today, to celebrate passionate Tostan supporter Isabelle Wheeler and her contributions to spreading awareness of our work and impact, we want to share some amazing footage out of one of our communities in Senegal!

Last month saw a huge number of public declarations of human rights in Northern Senegal, in which communities announced an end to FGC and child marriage. This clip from a public declaration ceremony in Gamadji Saré shows you the sheer joy that erupts in our participating villages when women are girls are given the tools to lead and succeed.

Thank you Isabelle, and thanks to all of you who continue to support Tostan into 2018 and beyond!
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Here's our founder Molly Melching (right) with Isatou Bittaye (center) and However Long the Night author Aimee Molloy (left) at a recent event in NYC, celebrating both the history of Tostan and our exciting new chapter of expanded leadership and participation. There's still time to get your copy of the book! Just mention @Tostan in a post about why you support community-based development and use the hashtag #TostanIgnite. We'll follow up with you with a link to get your copy! ... See MoreSee Less

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