Hello to all,

Last Thursday, a tragedy occurred in the Southern region of Senegal when a huge fire broke out in the small rural village of Kokolé. The blaze occurred when a teenage girl was preparing rice for lunch and left her kitchen to run an errand. The wind swept the flames out from under the cooking pot and the kitchen caught on fire before she returned. The fire spread quickly to many surrounding huts, consuming crops harvested after the rainy season and the money the women had saved from their income generating activities.
The worst news is that little Yaaka Baldé, a two-year old girl, died in the fire in one of the huts. She is the granddaughter of Moudou Baldé, the woman Coordinator of the Community Management Committee of Kokolé. The villagers actively participate in Tostan’s education program and I was heartbroken to see the picture below, with Tostan human rights posters scattered on the ground in front of the charred remains of the kitchen of Moudou Baldé, a passionate promoter of human rights throughout her region.
Today Tostan set up a special page where you can contribute to supporting Moudou Balde and the other families who have lost food, supplies and savings needed to make it through the coming months. The money will go directly to the Community Management Committee whose members have experience in managing community funds and will support all those who were victims of the fire.
Your gift is tax deductible.
Please go to: https://donate.tostan.org/give/326341/#!/donation/checkout; it’s your opportunity to help.
Thank you so much for thinking of the wonderful people of this community. It will be so greatly appreciated at this difficult time.
With gratitude and warm greetings from Senegal,