Partners & Donors

Our mission, to empower African communities to bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation based on respect for human rights, would not be possible without the support of all our donors and partners. Much like our programs, our fundraising is community-led, inclusive, and diverse! Your support drives innovation at the grassroots, from major governmental agencies to philanthropic leaders and hundreds of people who give in all amounts from their own philanthropy.

Local Partners

Through the Empowered Communities Network, participants partner with African-based and international NGOs, service providers, businesses, and government agencies interested in funding small and sustainable community-designed projects in Tostan partner communities. These communities have collaborated with over 150 local NGOs, microfinance institutions, and government agencies to advance their community development priorities.

Leadership Circle

Tostan’s Leadership Circle was created in 2013 to harness the knowledge, networks and talents of a diverse group of experienced philanthropists. Their support and advocacy fuel Tostan’s approach to community-led design, the cornerstone of our overall program effectiveness. This group of philanthropic leadership currently includes:

  • Brian and Kelly Baxter
  • Cynthia Baxter
  • Imago Dei Fund
  • Leslie Decker
  • Mary Ellen Cunningham
  • Orchid Project 
  • Pathy Family Foundation
  • The Gem Foundation
  • The Greenbaum Foundation
  • The Long Road Foundation
  • The You Have Our Trust Fund
  • Tom & Gail Kaneb Family Foundation
  • The Ripple Foundation

Global Mobilizers

Over the years, thousands of generous contributors from all over the world have helped us build Tostan to where it is today. Whether through advocacy, $10 or $10 million, this type of giving drives Tostan’s grassroots mandate forward.

Institutional and Foundation Partners

We are also proud to partner with international organizations, family foundations and groups to further our goal of dignity for all, such as: