Walk On My Own

In her own film, Ndeye Fatou Fall
tells the story of her community’s
social transformation and what
it means for her generation.

Premiering in NYC on March 13th
and airing on PBS and online this spring.

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Abandoning Harmful Practices

Tostan’s impact on cross-cutting issues

2017 Annual Report

Highlights & Achievements

Since we began, our human rights-based education program has reached more than five million people across eight African countries.

Women’s Empowerment

women have been selected into leadership positions in their communities, with many running for public office


people live in communities that publicly declared their intention to end female genital cutting

Child Marriage

communities have publicly declared that their daughters will not marry before the age of 18

The Tostan Model

Our three-year, non-formal education program puts rural communities in charge of their own futures. We support our partner communities to define and fulfil their own vision for wellbeing, allowing them to create positive and lasting social transformation. Our approach is:



Knowledge of human rights and responsibilities forms the foundation for learning



Information is shared in a non-judgmental and participatory way, using local languages



The program has impact across multiple issues, with sustainability at its core

Ndéye Fatou’s Story: Walk On My Own

In Walk On My Own, 13-year-old Ndeye Fatou Fall tells the story of her community in Senegal and the social transformation they have sparked to end harmful practices and ensure education, self-determination and wellbeing for girls and women.

News and Stories

Ndeye Fatou’s Story: Walk On My Own

  In Walk On My Own, 13-year-old Ndeye Fatou Fall tells the story of her community in Senegal, and the positive social transformation they have sparked for the health and wellbeing of girls and women. The public premiere takes place on March 13, 2019, in New York...

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Religious Leaders at the Forefront of Social Transformation

Since 1991, Tostan has engaged local religious leaders in supporting communities’ efforts to end violence against girls and women and create a new vision for wellbeing. These partnerships are one of many strategies in a deep and growing movement leading to positive...

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3 hours ago


Are you a fluent communicator in French and English? Do you have a skill for storytelling, and professional experience in digital communications and social media strategy? Would you like to join us in our Dakar headquarters?

We are seeking a Global Message Mobilizer, with applications accepted on a rolling basis. Check out the details on our website and email your CV and cover letter to apply: www.tostan.org/get-involved/join-our-team/

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6 days ago


What a moving and heartfelt evening. 🎉 More than 200 people came from all around to join us in a celebration of the transformation sparked through story and discussion, with Ndeye Fatou’s BYkids production 'Walk on my Own' at the center!

What was your favorite part of the night?

#dignityforall #womenmatter International House NY Molly Melching
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1 week ago


"Privé de la liberté, mais pas de la dignité"

Ce matin à Dakar, ce soir à New York : aujourd'hui, nous célébrons la #dignitépourtous à travers le monde !

Aujourd'hui, les collègues de Tostan s'assoit côte à côte avec des détenues à la maison d'arret des femmes à Dakar, pour célébrer la journée internationale de la femme. Tous portent le même tissu, représentant leur égalité et leur dignité partagée en tant qu'êtres humains.

Ce soir à New York, nous projectons et discutons d'un film réalisé par une jeune femme au Sénégal, dont la communauté a aussi décidé de prioritiser la dignité humaine dans leur vision commune, avec Molly Melching, Holly Carter et Naima Dido : www.tostan.org/walk-on-my-own/

#womenmatter #IWD2019 #excision #droitshumains
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1 week ago


Meet Naima Dido, human rights activist and moderator for tomorrow night's panel discussion with BYkids founder Holly Carter and Tostan founder Molly Melching. Join us or tell your friends: www.tostan.org/walk-on-my-own <3

Here Naima tells us why community-led change is the real key to making sustainable impact for women and girls health: medium.com/tostan-stories/naima-dido-human-rights-activist-fgc-d090dc4279a9

#dignityforall #endFGC #humanrights UN-Commission on the Status of Women
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