Since we began, our human rights-based education program has reached more than three million people, resulting in:

Women’s Empowerment

women have been selected into leadership positions in their communities


people live in communities that publicly declared an end to female genital cuting

Child Marriage

communities that have publicly declared their daughters will not marry before they are 18

The Tostan Model

Our three-year non-formal education program puts rural communities in charge of their own futures. We help communities develop their own vision for development using an approach that is:



Knowledge of human rights and responsibilities is the foundation for learning



Information is shared in a non-judgmental way



Program covers five key impact areas and has sustainability at its core

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Tostan is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Dakar, Senegal currently operating in six West African countries, focusing on community empowerment and its impact on governance, education, health, economic empowerment and the environment. As CFO you will develop...

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Organization Overview Tostan is an international nonprofit organization currently working in six African countries and headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. Our vision is “Dignity for all.” Our mission is to empower African communities to bring about sustainable...

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Organization overview Tostan is an international nonprofit organization currently working in six African countries and headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. Our vision is “Dignity for all.” Our mission is to empower African communities to bring about sustainable...

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2 days ago


Hello everyone!
Mariya Taher, Sahiyo co-founder, has been fundraising for the past 6 months to put together a healing workshop for survivors of female genital cutting/mutilation who live in the United States.
Good news, the workshop has been planned for May 2018! You can find out more information by visiting the Facebook Event page -

"But the challenge is still to come: I need to raise another $3,000 to ensure that survivors do not have to pay any travel costs to attend the workshop. If you are able to do so, I would greatly appreciate a donation of $10, $20, $50, or whatever you can afford to help make this a reality!
You can visit the link below to donate:
Also, if you can share the link with your own networks, I'd appreciate it! Thank you so much for your support!
I'll make sure to update you all on how the workshop unfolds!"
-Mariya Taher (to read more about Mariya listen to her interview on ABC news:

Sahiyo StoriesMay 4, 2018, 4:00pmBerkeley, CA, United StatesFrom May 4-6, 2018, in conjunction with StoryCenter, Sahiyo in the U.S. will host a 3-day workshop in Berkeley, CA where eight women and men who grew up in the Bohra community and live in the United States can come together to create their own digital storytelling videos about FGC and the work they do.

This project will culminate in the professional production of a two- to three-minute video of participants sharing the story of their anti-FGC advocacy journey. Participants will have full access to this video and full permissions to use it for their own ongoing community leadership and advocacy efforts after the training, and the facilitators will also work to deepen your knowledge of participatory storytelling and the various uses and applications of digital storytelling.

If you’re interested in applying to participate in this advanced training—StoryCenter, transportation scholarships available—APPLY BELOW by MARCH 30th!

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact

Past examples of StoryCenter stories:
Mariya Taher's story:
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3 days ago


"For me, this is the challenge and opportunity all of us here tonight have in this twenty-first century -- to focus our attention on the hidden heart of human rights, to explore how and in what ways we can ensure that millions more at the local level can experience the blossoming of human rights knowledge and action in those small places at the local level, innovating new tools to measure and give shape to how 'development' can truly succeed on a large scale, and become something driven from the inside out rather than imposed from the outside in."

Molly Jane Melching, from her lecture last night entitled "The Hidden Heart of Human Rights"
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1 week ago


LIVE from UN #CSW62 -- Molly Jane Melching shares the moment with religious leaders who are changing social norms for women and girls after attending Tostan's 10 day training for religious leaders. Thanks to The Carter Center and NASFAT(Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society)

The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence, and Power
This panel will explore how community-led development programs throughout West Africa are successfully engaging whole communities in improving well-being and human rights for women and girls.

Specifically, these programs result in the abandonment of female genital cutting, domestic violence, and child marriage through a human rights approach strengthened by the full participation of religious and traditional leaders.
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