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Population: 13,635,927 (July 2014 estimate)
Capital: Dakar
Number of communities currently implementing the CEP: 176
Location of Tostan country coordination office: Thiès
Languages offered in the CEP: Wolof, Serrer, Fulani, Soninké, Mandinka, Diola, French, English
Regions we work: Kolda, Kaolack, Sedhiou, Matam, St. Louis, Bakel, Thiès
Partners: Africare, AMANARI, Anti-Slavery International, ARCGI, ASACAS, ASDEC, CAURIS EDUCATION, CEGA, CONAFE, Construye Mundo, CORPS DE LA PAIX & SenGAD, Demnagal am, Départemental des GPF de Bignona, Eau Vive, Entente de Diouloulou, Entente Djiragal de Silick, FANAMBA, FDEA (Femme, Développement, Entreprise en Afrique), Freedom from Hunger, GIE Tambadjiro, Government of Senegal, Malaria No More, Mouvement Associatif de Jeunesse et de Femme, Mutuelles de Crédit, ODCAV de Bignona, Operation Smile, PASTEEF, Path, Plan International, POGV II, RADDHO, RADI, Respect-Belgium, Solar Household Energy, Inc., UNICEF, WORLD VISION

We are currently implementing the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in 176 communities in ten regions in Senegal. In addition to the CEP, Senegal is also participating in Tostan’s Peace and Security Project, Prison Project, Community Development Grants Program, and Solar Power! Project. Senegal is also currently hosting the pilot of the Reinforcement of Parental Practices Module and will be the location for the Tostan Training Center to open in 2015. Throughout 2014, Community Management Committees (CMC) in Senegal vaccinated 37,755 children under the age of five, enrolled 811 children in school, organized 3,848 community clean-up days, registered 6,966 children with the civil government, and planted 570 trees.

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